Melody is an incredible young creative. A visual storyteller who describes herself as "in love with the stories and testimonies represented through a smile or a scar". Melody started her photography business at the age of 14. Still only 18 she has carved out a unique path as a young business person, shooting for magazines, being flown around the world and more. 

Workshop 2 - Melody Davis

Melody speaks on the overarching theme of creative confidence; finding it, unlocking it and unleashing it. If you are creative of any age, especially interested in photography/videography and storytelling - this workshop is for you!

Melody is going to share some incredible insight and practical advise:

  • How to use your passion to solve a problem

Passion kickstarts our journey, but what keeps us going? Melody talks about how she identified a problem and used her passion as a way to find a solution. Learn how to identify your why and how to look beyond just your gifts and talents.

  • How to network with people

Overcoming the fear of people, getting your name out there and absorbing the wisdom of others is a crucial part of any business. Melody talks about how she overcame her fear of group situations in order to gain practical advice about starting a business, seeking a creative mentor and sourcing financial support at the age of 14. Learn how to pitch yourself and your brand in 30 seconds, and how to ask the right questions when speaking with a potential client.

  • How to create a strong brand

As a freelancer, your business reputation/brand is vital. Melody discusses authenticity and transparency; and how your brand name becomes part of who you are. Learn how to create a consistancy in not only your aesthetic, but also your communication style; across all social media platforms, client meetings, phone calls etc. 

  • Overcoming your fear of what people think

That deep sinking feeling of uncertaintity that many creative/business people come across often, is enough to stop you backing yourself. Melody discusses the times she has had to discard the opinions of others in order to stay true to her gut feeling, and the consequences of doing so.

  • How to strengthen your weaknesses

As creatives, we often get carried away in our own world. Melody teaches how to hire to your weaknesses, how to ask the right questions and how to protect yourself and your name when creating a business. Learn how to cope with criticism, those 'dodgy' clients and how failure is your best friend.

What to bring

  • Your portfolio on laptop, printed, phone

  • Come armed with any questions

What you get

    Alcohol for over 18's only

  • PIZZA from Crust Pizza in Burleigh

When + Where

Thursday, 28 July - 7PM
Warehouse No.5, Burleigh

87 West Burleigh Rd, Burleigh

Parking: Limited at venue, can park on street or further back in Coles service station carpark.