5 Ways to discover your PURPOSE

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1. What would you do if you could do anything?

Like seriously. No lack of resources, you weren’t afraid, no expectations on you. What would you be doing?

If you ditched your fear, stopped making excuses and had unlimited resources - what would you be doing?

2. What makes you angry or upset?

What do you see in the world that isn’t how it should be. What makes you frustrated because you feel like you could contribute to a solution. What kind of pain, suffering, issue, difficulty, struggle, obstacle to do you see that you want to help people overcome.

3. What are you always banging on about?

If you are trying to find what you are really supposed to do. Have a listen to what is always coming out of your mouth. What are you passionate about? What do you find yourself talking about and thinking about on a regular basis. There is your passion. If you didn’t care about it, you wouldn’t talk about it.

4. Track your impact

When are the times in your life that you felt that you had the most impact on the world around you? Safe to say, if you felt you made a difference, then you were in the purpose path ;)

5. Ask people are you that are the real deal

Ask 2 or 3 people around you (not the doubters) who are actively living in their own lives: 

"What am I good at?"
"What do you think my best strengths are?"
"Why do you like spending time with me?