Instagram is a big machine of a thing, and can sometimes feel like way too much effort. Especially with recent changes making it harder to be seen. But it's where the people are! Here a few simple things to help you get some traction: 

1. Add massive value

Social is all about what people can get. They aren't so interested in what you do, as how it relates to them. With every post ask the question, am I adding value?

2. Post every day

Regular engagement is what Instagram prioritises now. Be consistent in your posting and keep people connected and on the journey

3. Talk to people

Surprisingly, most of the people on Instagram are just that, actual people! Engage with them, respond to comments, look at their account, DM people every day. Your building a community not just a following. Build relationship.

4. Have a really clear bio

People won't waste time reading all about who you are. They want to know how you will contribute to their life. Make it clean and easy to look at.

5. Chase connection, not followers

There is no point having 10k followers if 90% of them are unrelated to what you do. Follow people who you actually want to connect to, learn from or engage in business with. Don't just scatter approach it, define who your people are - and go find them. It's never been easier

Hope this helps!

Nathan Griffith - Envoke founder