Branding is a really interesting area in business in 2016

For so many people branding means a mix of logo design, some nice photos, a designed flier or website banner and maybe getting some of that on their social accounts.

Branding is so much more then that. Our definition of branding is this:

Branding is the all encompassing message that you communicate to your world about who you are, and what you do.

Here are 3 reasons why we believe brands fail:

1. They don't know who they are

So often when we are working with clients we find that they don't know who they are as a brand. They can't articulate in one sentence what makes them different to anyone else, the values that they operate by, their unique strengths, why they exist at all.

This is the starting place for us. If you can't work out YOU, then how is your potential market going to understand your brand?

At Envoke for example some of our "Who are we" statements look like this:

We are creative
We are inspiring, encouraging, empowering and resourcing
We love things that look great, and capture hearts
We exist to contribute to and change the world, not to take from it
We think outside the box, we are not precious about "how its always been done"
We are entrepreneurial, we want to create something new
We aren't afraid of change

2. They don't know why they exist

Just because something seems like a good idea, or because there is a perceived need - doesn't mean that it is going to work out. If you don't have a powerful WHY behind your brand, then you won't navigate the challenges that arise in establishing it and continuing on.

So many businesses, individuals, aspiring entrepreneurs etc that we talk with can talk all day about WHAT they are going to do. But when we dig into the WHY, its often very flaky. 

Make sure that as a brand, you have a very solid why that is going to sustain you.

At Envoke our why is: "We exist to engage the potential within a person, business, brand, movement or organisation."

3. They don't know what they do

"So what do you do?"
A question that gets asked of people and brands ALL the time. Because when people are exposed to new things, they are trying to get their head around what it is and what it does.

We talk to a lot of business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives etc in a week here at Envoke. A lot of the time when we ask someone "So what does your business do, or what do you want to do?" We end up having a 20 minute conversation with them about what they do, and sometimes it still doesn't make sense. 

SO many brands fail to ever capture their desired market, because they failed to articulate their WHAT clearly and simply. You don't get to have a 20minute Q&A with every potential client in this fast paced modern market. Especially if you want lots of customers to engage with your brand. 

You need your brand to do the talking for you. It needs to clearly articulate what you do. 

At Envoke our WHAT statement is: "We help our clients find out who they are, why they exist, what they do, who they do it for, and how to best make it happen. We resource, train, coach, teach, create, inspire, launch, and release people and brands into their purpose"

If its not simple, then people won't remember it

Branding is really important, its worth getting right. Its ever evolving and developing - but don't just slap it together and hope people get what you do. Because you'll shoot your potential in the foot!

Nathan Griffith - Envoke founder